BAYLEAF | Consultancy
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The development of our consulting arm was driven by sheer frustration of industry big talkers, those who promise the world and deliver nothing – promote themselves as the real deal and leave small businesses and investors floundering in the wake of dubious fee structures, mismanagement and poor, uneducated decisions.

Bayleaf Sydney know, and will always remember those who have promised to deliver on a scope of work and left the business and the owner on the brink of financial collapse.

Our personal mission has always been to share knowledge, expertise, and experience, both good and bad, with the culinary and events community.

Our Consultancy Service

Our consultancy services are undertaken with professionalism gained over 20 years of dedicated industry experience and bring together some of Australia leading experts, all under one roof.

Christopher Stubbs has distinguished himself as one of the nation’s leading culinary management experts. His extensive knowledge of industry best practices, combined with his operational expertise, personnel management and hands-on approach to each client has made his team one of the most sought-culinary teams in Sydney.

Our team and associates are here to give you encouragement and an independent perspective of your business, to help you achieve your personal goals and business dreams, regardless of your current situation we are here to help you to succeed and can offer professional, independent and un-biased advise in all areas including…

Event Management

  • Event Orchestration
  • Event Management
  • Menu Design & Development
  • Competitive Budgeting
  • Establishment of Labor Framework & Ratios
  • Selection of Service Styles & Execution
  • Tabletop Design & Decor
  • Equipment Logistics
  • Vendor Referrals
  • Management of Vendors Associated with Food & Beverage
  • Temporary Kitchen Design & Implementation

Training and Development

  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Event P & L
  • Catering Sales / Process Training
  • Culinary Logistics
  • On-Site Operations & Logistics
  • Beverage Programs
  • Back-of-the-House Operations
  • Service Personnel Training
  • Event Procedure Guidelines


  • Buying an Existing Business
  • Starting a New Business
  • Renovating or Re-establishing a Business
  • Fast Food & Takeaway Businesses
  • Fine Dining
  • Cafes & Restaurants
  • Franchise Chains
  • Pubs & Clubs
  • Contract Catering
  • Bakeries
  • Hotels & Motels


  • Response for Tender Documents
  • Menu Plans
  • Cost Estimates & Budgeting
  • Review of HACCP & Food Safety Procedures
  • Audits
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Food Standards
  • Industry Insight
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Project Life cycle
  • Implementation of New Systems, Policies & Procedures

With 40+ years of world renowned event and catering experience, Bayleaf are a turn-key solution provider to help your business maximise capabilities, efficiencies, and profits.

Our quality approach gets results – quickly and effectively for long term profitability and success.

Through our knowledge and experience we are able to deliver a robust operational improvement plan for your business.

We are experienced at asking the appropriate searching questions that will produce a worthwhile and robust assessment that has the support of and can be understood and implemented by your management team.

Great pride is taken in our practical, hands-on approach to problem-solving, recognising that the only ideal solution is the one that works…

Our strategic relationships with our associates and alignments with partner companies guarantee our clients the focus that each unique project demands.

Our network of consultants and high-level industry resources bring together a unique depth and wealth of experience and knowledge in both the food service and industrial manufacturing segments of the food industry.

Each project we undertake is carefully evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine who will be best suited to execute the deliverables. Then, a dynamic, hand-picked and specialised group of professionals are chosen to work with us based on your specific needs, the scope of work & outcomes.